Preventive Hair Care (Combat Baldness Before It Starts)

Losing your hair can be an incredibly embarrassing process. Many people suffer from self-esteem problems and other emotional issues when they lose their hair. Is there a way to combat baldness before it starts? 

Preventing hair loss is a concern to individuals who have genetic conditions causing baldness. One important thing to know about hair loss is that you need to act before you start losing your hair. 

Many of the products on the market for hair loss are designed to help you keep the hair you already have. They will not help you grow new hair.

Proper Hair Care

If you subject your hair to harsh chemicals, hot curling irons and straighteners, blow dryers, and other things, you will have unhealthy hair. You need to use the right products to protect your hair from the styling tools and things needed to tame your hair. 

Heat weakens the proteins in the hair, causing it to become brittle. It can crack and break and can even fall out as a result of poor protein. Wash your hair every other day with high-quality shampoo; avoid using blow dryers if possible. Minimize the use of hot devices like curling irons and blow dryers to help your hair stay healthier.

Don’t Dye Your Hair

While those grey hairs might bother you, at least you have hair! Dying your hair can really hurt your scalp, and it can lead to hair loss. If you do dye your hair, wait at least 6-8 weeks between treatments to prevent the chemicals from burning the scalp and destroying hair follicles.

Limit Stress

Stress has an impact on several areas of the body. You need to get your stress under control as it does cause your hair to fall out. Increase your daily exercise as it helps the body to control stress. Exercise is also great for improving your overall energy level and mood. 

Make sure you are getting plenty of rest to rejuvenate your body and mind. When your body is in good shape, the blood circulates easier, delivering proper nutrients to your hair.

Healthy Eating

Certain foods can help improve your hair. Increase your daily intake of fruits and vegetables to improve your hair growth. Foods that are rich in Vitamin C can truly help improve your hair. It provides essential nutrients to the scalp, which are needed to grow healthier hair. Avoid junk food because it is filled with fatty substances and empty calories. 

It doesn’t benefit your hair in any way, and is often the cause of other health problems. Drink plenty of water each day to help the body move nutrients to the scalp. Water is beneficial to keeping your hair and skin moisturised, which is needed for adequate hair growth.

Hair Loss Treatments

If you do have a genetic history of hair loss, consider starting hair loss treatments in your early twenties. The medications proven to work by the FDA for hair loss treatment are Finasteride and Minoxidil. Daily use of these products will allow you to keep the hair that you already have. It can help stimulate some of the weaker hair follicles to begin growing hair faster.

This article was written by Travis Guerrero, a health and nutrition expert who hopes to help you live a healthier life! He writes this on behalf of the Puig Hair Restoration Center in Houston, your number one choice when looking for a hair transplant in Houston. Check out their website today and see how they can help you!