NASA to get its new Chief Scientist

On April 10, it has been officially declared that NASA will be welcoming its new Chief Scientist, Mr. Jim Green. Earlier Mr. Green had the responsibility of heading the Planetary Sciences Division from of NASA from August 2006. As per the sources, he will be assuming his new responsibility from the 1st day of May.

Earlier this coveted position was held by Gale Allen. She had been entrusted with this position since 2016. Gale Allen had been serving her government now for more than three decades. Now finally her retirement has knocked at the doors. So finally she is ready to hand over the duties to Mr. Green, so is expected to follow her footsteps and scale more dimensions in the space industry.

Token of Appreciation by the New Leader

In an exclusive interview, Mr. Green was all praise for Gale Allen. He commented that Gale Allen was a role model for him. Not only was he is the keen follower of Gale Allen, but others also followed her way of doing work and leading the life. He also emphasized on the great achievements she had dealt with in her entire career and the success she had brought for NASA as Chief Scientist. Now as she finally reaches her retirement stage, Mr. Green wishes her all the good life for her post-retirement.

Work Experience of Mr.Green

Gale Allen has a gamut of experience in the field of scientific research and experiments. Not only this, he has a lot of skills and expertise in the field of planetary exploration. This background knowledge will surely help him to get going well in his new and such important position. It will be pretty easy for him to grasp things very quickly since he has all the requisite work knowledge that is very necessary for exploring space revolution.

As per the sources, Mr. Green will also be working on different planning, formulating policies and will be advising NASA chief in different other issues. He will also be spreading NASA’s space goals among a wider range of the community.

Further Developments

Sources have confirmed that further changes in the top management level are about to come in NASA. Lightfoot will be retiring from his position on April 30. His position will be filled up by Steve Jurczyk. Steve is currently working as an associate administrator in NASA unless President Trump has other ideas.