SpaceX preparing launch of SES-12 with Falcon 9

SpaceX is moving forward to launch yet another satellite from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida on 31st May 2018. Previously, they launched a communication satellite from Kennedy Space Center successfully on 11th May 2018.

They are launching this satellite for SES, which is second biggest communications satellite operator across the globe, as per the World Teleport Association. If all the things go as per the planning, then it will be SpaceX’s 6th SES satellite launch.

SES was established in 1985 & based in Luxembourg. There are more than 60 satellites operated by the SES that reside in the space orbits. These satellites are serving government institutions, internet companies, fixed network operators, & broadcasters in Asia-Pacific, North America, Middle East, North America, & Latin America.

As per the satellite signals website, 1/10th of the total active satellites in geostationary orbit operated by SES.

SES-12 satellite is built by a European company Airbus who is involved in the designing, manufacturing & selling operations of military aeronautical things worldwide. Along with satellites & related products, this company also involved in manufacturing operations of military aircraft, helicopters, & commercial aircraft. An interesting thing about Airbus is that they have delivered more than 12,000 helicopters to many different types of clients.

Airbus is the biggest manufacturer of Earth Observation Systems with a launch of 50 satellites. Additionally, there are another 18 satellites that are in operations.

SES-12 will launched with two missions in mind. Firstly, the NSS-6 satellite will be replaced in orbit to offer television broadcasting & telecom solutions from one part of Asia to the other. This satellite has six beams covering six areas. Also, it equipped with a flexible multi-beam processed payload for offering broadband solutions that cover a large area, including Japan, Australia, Russia, and Africa.

SpaceX is looking to use the Block 4 variant of the Falcon 9 for launching SES-12. It will be 11th flight of Block 4 if all the things go as per the plan. The company doesn’t have any plans for retrieving the first stage booster that was used previously on Boeing X-37B OTV-5 mission last year. The two major launches of SpaceX in the upcoming months from the Cape Canaveral, Air Force Station, are Telestar 19V and CRS-15. The launch date for the first one isn’t fixed yet, but the later one will be launched on 28th June with a mission to supply resources to the International Space Station.