The Gift that Never Ages

Under the bed, in a wardrobe, or maybe even in a draw, most families have a collection of photographs of their family and ancestors. This is part of your whakapapa, genealogy or ancestry, and as such these should be treasured and handed on with care for posterity”, states the New Zealand water colour artist Clinton McInnes. “The question is have you ever thought of selecting one, or more of these photos of family members or ancestors, and having an image painted as an original portrait painting that could hang framed, proudly in your home?”

It maybe a photo of Great Uncle Fred who sacrificed his life in World War 1 for our freedom, or of Great Auntie Anne; or it maybe of you. Whoever you select Clinton states that any painting on your chosen subject is likely to become very important to your family in the future as a genuine heirloom.

“At the very least your chosen subject will no longer be hiding under the bed”, he quips.

Getting your portrait painted has also become trendy again, and at you can achieve this at a fraction of the US$15,000 charged overseas. Once considered a relic of the photography era, the art of portrait painting like this is making a comeback—think of it as a selfie that takes two weeks to complete.

Likewise, another alternative that is finding favour and genuine acceptance is in these original paintings being selected as a high quality affordable gift option. A painting maybe commissioned for a special occasion such as a christening, birthday or21st; it maybe for gifting as a graduation christmas, wedding, anniversary or bereavement gift; or simply as a form of  remembrance.

“Ive given two of these paintings as wedding gifts to friends who recently got married”, relates Duncan, the artist’s son. “Each was of the subjects as a couple that I had photos of. I can honestly say that both families were blown away at the gesture. If you want a gift that will be treasured by any recipient this is definitely it!”

Obtaining your personalised original painting is, therefore, now simple, being only a photo away of you sending it via the artist’s website ( This includes painting requests on any subject you desire, (portrait, landscape, or still life).

Priced very reasonably at only NZ$100 + GST for an A5 portrait painting, up to NZ$200 + GST for the A3 size, (+ P&P – Note: GST does not apply to International orders), you will not find a cheaper option also for the same quality as an original work of art investment.

There maybe small additional costs if you want any portrait subject in a specific uniform or wearing hat and medals, or other forms of dress”, Clinton explains, “but as a retiree I keep things within any client’s budget or try and help to achieve the outcome they desire.” 

With a 14 day ‘turn-a-round’ from receipt of your order and payment, each painting can additionally be supplied mounted and framed if required. Paintings can either be mounted and framed in new or second hand restored frames to keep the period look”, explains Clinton. “I also try and keep the cost down for families, with the most cost effective method of postage, (especially internationally), as a flat protected painting with the recipent having their painting mounted and framed at their location. Some may want to insert an envelope with a note, inside their painting’s frame that tells something about the subject so others in future can share in their memories.”

As an aclaimed artist the quality and genuine likeness that Clinton captures in his paintings is superb. We defintely encourage you to visit to judge for yourself from the galleries of numerous examples of his work, and to ask any questions you may have.

In summary, therefore, whether it is your whakapapa, as an affordable treasured gift for family or friends, or an original painted ‘selfie’, remember…

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