Space Adventures Keeps Getting Closer to People – Facebook Everyday Astronaut Series

Everyday Astronaut is the moniker of a photographer by the name Tim Dodd. His adventure around the globe kick-started in 2013. It was after buying a spacesuit. He bought it online and the truth is that it was also second hand. Nevertheless, it has transformed him into space explorer as well as an enthusiast. On that note, he inspires people to figure out what it is that they enjoy doing.

When you think of watching a series, there are those sites that cross your mind. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if Facebook is not on your list. It is more of a social media platform than an entertaining portal. As much as that may be a fact, Dodd will not believe you. He has gone against the norm once again. Here is a quick summary of the new wave that he brings to Facebook.

He has a project. Its title is Spacing Out! with the Everyday Astronaut. It is a series that you can watch via Facebook. The place that you can watch it is on the Facebook page of The reason is that he and are partners in this. The producers, on the other hand, are Jupiter Entertainment together with the MadWest Content.

Do not miss its first episode. Its premiere is May 4. It is important to note that the launching of the Mars InSight lander by NASA will take place the following day. Back to our topic, the debut episode focuses on the feeling that walking on Mars would bring. After that, one should expect four more episodes. Each one of them will last between 10 and 15 minutes. You should expect not only humor but also enthusiasm in every single one. If the following topics are your favorite, do not hesitate to tune in. They are the likes of the rocket-landing technology, air-launched rocket systems, and in-space maneuvering. In addition to that, there is one on the advantage of sound suppression to spacecraft. There is something for everyone no doubt.

He chose Facebook to allow his viewers to comment. It is one of the few sites that have that privilege. He is excited about this new endeavor. Earlier, I had mentioned the spacesuit. There is something that I forgot to say. The first experience wearing it scared him to death. He wore it and immediately locked the helmet on. Little did he know that it was airtight yet he had no idea of how to unlock it? It was a relief when he finally figured it out. As I conclude, let me remind you that you cannot afford to miss the series.