Shukela Guy EP  – Rise Of A Young King 

This April we are proud to present TyraQeed’s latest project, an ep titled the Shukela Guy EP. This project consists of 9 tracks where he shares stories about his struggles in relationships and how he has grown and learnt from his mistakes. The artist has switched up this year with his unique take to African Music with merging African inspired melody and sound with a modern international twist. The versatile young  entertainer has promised that this is the first chess move in a bigger game overall and these are just the starters for 2018, since its been so highly anticipated he had to release it. 

It gives the fans something new and fresh. The ep doesn’t offer any  vocal features but some producers such as Lavisto , Flippy , Airic & Godly Beatz.

Shukela produced by TyraQeed – The song talks about a young man who wants to have an affair with older women with money, in the intent to use her to live the good life. it’s clear to tell that he himself was used by younger women in the very same way and has decided to do the same to older women.

Come duze Produced by Lavisto – talks about a young boy meeting a girl at a party and falling inlove with her at first sight and it explains him gathering the courage to speak to her and

 tell her how he feels about her.

LUV Produced by TyraQeed – talks about a young Man who  has succeded and remembers stories about him and his ex-girlfriend who left him for the promise of a better life and how everything ended up. 

Nomalanga “inspired by Nomalanga the flame”  

Produced by Flippy – talks about a young Man falling inlove with a girl , he thinks is way out of his league and by him acting and thinking that way is what makes him lose out in the end.

                                  The EP will be available for downloads 

                                  And going to sell R50 Per HARD COPY.

                                  During the launch of the project we going to go 

                                  around Schools in South Africa performing songs on the EP 

                                  and Promoting the launch.

                                  The TyraQeed School Invasion as its going 

                                  to be called is set to start on the second week of 

                                  May after the project drops. 

                                  The Project is dropping on the 4th of May 2018.

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