Richard Bransons’s Virgin Galactic Launch Plans: When will we travel to outer space? 


 Virgin Galactic founder and business tycoon Richard Branson is getting ship-shape for his space travel this year. Would it be this year or next year? Well, according to Branson, he is traveling to outer space in few months. As we speak, he is taking rigorous training for the big trip. 

The question is – When will the world get to travel to outer space? When will Virgin Galactic be off the ground? Richard Branson believes in his team, and he does think that they are close to realizing the dream of space travel. 

Richard Branson has a dream to combine commercial tourism, and space exploration. However, the tickets to the moon and the outer space will be hefty on the pockets. In the beginning, it will sell out like hot pancakes, but it would be expensive. 

The next time you tell your honey to fly her till the moon, you would need to check your pockets because the Virgin Galactic