Attention – the spacecraft is running late from its schedule. Inconvenience is regretted


SpaceX has been in the news for the plans of launching an orbital to take the tourists for a trip around the moon. But the fortunate travelers, whosoever they might be, will have to wait a bit longer as the mission is supposedly postponed. 

Earlier in 2018, it was announced that Elon Musk would in 2019 send a tour for solar exploration. But because of technical challenges, it won’t be possible to complete the project in the pre-defined timeline. Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, now known as SpaceX is still planning to carry out this project of sending civilians and not the astronauts to the moon. Many people have shown interest in that mainly because this trip would be much safer than the one planned for Mars.

James Gleeson, the spokesman, declared through an email that the private moon launch had been postponed. Not just this project, nearly 40% of anticipated launches for 2018 are also going to experience a delay.