Alcamade Announces the Launch of its PARTY ZAN Instant Alcohol Product in Auchan Hypermarket Bucharest Romania

San Ramon, California USA, March, 2018 — Alcamade, Inc. has announced the launch of its PARTY ZAN instant alcohol product in Romania this March, the company announced today.

Billed as “tomorrow’s magic drink, available today,” PARTY ZAN promises to turn ordinary tap water into a variety of refreshing alcoholic beverages. According to company founder and CEO, Hamid Akbari, “We don’t turn water into wine, but this is the next best thing. Some people would say it’s even better.”

The advantages of PARTY ZAN instant alcohol include maximum convenience and minimum weight. The product’s low weight and volume compared to conventional beverages makes it much less costly to transport and store, which means lower prices for retail customers. Currently, PARTY ZAN comes in vodka and flavored-vodka varieties.

The big question is, does it taste like the real thing? “Try it and see for yourself,” says Akbari. “That’s what I’d say to anyone out there who likes fun new products: try it for yourself and let us know what you think.”